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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, effective and affordable way to remove the ageing effects of discoloured, dark or stained teeth. Our priority is to help regain your smile to with the use of up to date dental bleaching.

Teeth can lose their natural whiteness because of number of reasons including diet, ageing, certain medications, smoking and trauma, but a brighter smile can be achieved with teeth whitening.

They can be used for treatment of mild crowding of teeth, closure of gaps between the teeth.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional in-office teeth whitening is a popular treatment that whitens teeth under comfortable, safe, and painfree conditions.

In-office teeth whitening can remove stains and discolouration caused by:

  • Darkly pigmented food and drink (including, coffee, tea, red wine and beetroot)
  • Aging – teeth naturally darken with a yellow, grey or brown hue over time
  • Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco

Benefits of in-office teeth whitening

  • Immediate results – faster than home treatments can provide
  • Safest method of teeth bleaching

Home Teeth Whitening

The benefits of home teeth whitening


It creates a brighter smile that lasts. Treatment will need to be repeated at least once every six months for continued results. However, if your teeth are badly stained, you may need to repeat the treatment more often.


You can whiten your teeth yourself without damaging your enamel and gums. At-home whitening treatments also come with simple instructions to ensure your safety