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Orthodontic Treatment

Current orthodontic treatment available at Alvura is not just putting up braces, but here it can change your whole world by straightening out crowded , uneven, forwardly placed teeth.

By giving you confidence in your smile which affect every phase of your life professional and personal with the availability of state of art orthodontic treatment modalities which enhances your smile.

Metal Braces

Are the most commonly used braces and can be brightened up with different colours of elastic modules to make up the unique smile.

Ceramic Braces

Are less noticeable then the metal braces and are more popular among young patients. Ceramic braces are made up of translucent (clear) material so it is not much noticeable against the natural colour of our teeth. They work jus well as metal braces.

Self-Ligating Braces

They are the advanced form of braces which don’t require elastic modules which are used in traditional metal or ceramic braces.

The main advantage of these braces since they don’t use elastic modules less accumulation of plaque and other food particles around braces which enables you to maintain good oral hygiene during entire treatment.

They are available in both form Metal and ceramic.